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Juve’s New Badge is Causing a Stir

We’ve just had a look at the new Juventus logo and we can’t put our finger on it. Are you ready to take a peek at the new badge? We were not expecting this.

A new “simplicstic” design for Juve, but has simplicity gone too far in this day and age? The design, in all honesty, isn’t bad, we kinda like it, it’s just not Juventus. We don’t see this logo being iconic as their previous, and it’s certainly not as eye catching.

Minimalist design is current and fresh but here at Purple JR, we feel that it may have gone too far on this one. It seems to be turning into a bit of a trend in the football scene, take a look at the rebranding of the Premier League at the start of the season: minimalist, bright and eye catching.

Juventus’ new logo? Oversimplified in our eyes, but we may warm up to it. What are your thoughts on the new logo? Does it capture you like the previous badge?